Hi again 

it's me and I'm going to rewrite one other email from seth godin  this time we will read about TV and those who watch TV and the way they look at the world.

seeing and believing

it turns out that the more you watch TV , the more you believe that world is dangerous.

it turns out TV watchers believe that an astonishing 5 % of the population works in law enforcement

and it turns out that the more you watch TV the less optimistic you become.
cultivation(agriculture) theory helps us understand the enormous power that TV immersion has.

given the overwhelming() power of interaction , I'm confident that discover that internet exposure , particularly to linkbait headlines , comments and invective, will also change what people believe about the world around them. 

it is hopeful to imagine that we can change these outcomes by changing the inputs.

of course , the hard part is choosing to do so.

every time I see a toddler in a stroller with an internet device in hand, I shudder. (tremble )

if we want a better future , it helps to be able to see the world as it is.

18:45 writing

19:30 investigating and reading it loud