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lets do it again:


how much does it cost you in tolls to drive across town?

 in most cities, the answer is nothing.

how much does it cost you to take a bus or subway across town?

in most cities , if it is available at all, quite a bit (very little).

how did that come to be ?

mass transit is safer , cleaner and more efficient.

it gives more people more access to work and amenities (facilities). 

a city with great mass transit works better for more people.

even those that don't use it.

it's at least a useful public good as the streets are.

it is technically easy to put tolls all over a city,

waste no time, and it is economically efficient to make it incrementally free to hop on a bus and expensive to drive a car.

so why haven't we?

why ,in fact,are we going the other direction?

because left to our own devices, we go for the short-term cost saving at the expense of the long-term investment.

because we like the status quo(recent situation).

because there is familiar profit in the car -industrial complex.

the extraction industries, the manufacturers, the dealers, etc.

it is ongoing ,widespread income stream.

this generates cash to pay lobbyists and others to create a cultural dynamic in favor of the status quo.

in turns out that it is pretty cheap to buy outcomes that benefit a minority. and business loves a bargain

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