It is the 8th day that I'm rewriting from seth godin. it is a good method as I can learn or review the word's I have learned long time ago.

and also becoming familiar with the standard structure of writing.

lets start:

the taxi or the cruise ship?

the successful cab owner knows this:

every ride is custom 

people choose a cab precisely because they can ride alone , on their own terms

empty trips are part of the job , and it is okay , because the next ride will pay for it.

on the other hand , the person who chooses to run a cruise line knows:

every cruise is designed be me, and people sign up precisely because I chose well.

people choose a cruise ship to be with other people , to benefit from economies of scale and to be part of something

empty trips (or worse , half -empty trips) can put the line out of business

it is pretty easy to get into the cab business. Do a few rides for friends, then list online , or join Lyft, then go full-time.

on the other hand , it is much more different to get into the cruise business. there is a critical mass , and the minimum number is a lot more than one customer.

each business can be a good one if you do it at the appropriate scale.

the warning , and the purpose of the metaphor  , is to realize that it is not a matter of gradually going from one to the other. Remember that running a taxi is a fine sort of business , but don't expect to turn it into a cruise ship . and vice versa.