today we Are going to read from seth godin that money is not every thing and it is not as equal as worth.

here we go: 

the Money maximization  distraction.

Rolling stones have grossed more than a billion dollars in sales and endorsements.

does that mean that they are better than Beethoven ,John Adams and Zoe Keating , put together? were the Bay City Rollers better thsn Patti Smith?

There are CEOs who make more in a year than 1000 of their workers. Does that mean that they  are 1000 times more important or productive or worthwhile?

money is a simple metric , and one that captures a certain sort of information about value and scarcity(poverty ,famine). but it is wildly inaccurate when  it comes to measuring many of the things that actually matter to us.

it can mask the emotions and moments and contributions that we works so hard on, the people that we seek to become , the contribution that we seek to make.

profitable is not the same as important

popular is the not the same as worthwhile

expensive is not the same as well-done

and yet ,because it is easy to rank and compare and change , we can get seduced (temp, lure) into believing that money is the metric that matters the most , that matters all the time.. If we only use money to make our decisions about worth, we're going to get it wrong almost every time. until we get significantly better at matching money to contributing , we need to embrace the difficult to measure.

I will trade you a great fourth grade teacher for a foreign exchange desk currency trade any day.

the end

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