this time I will just copy the text of the seth's blog post

the Alternate is "My side is wrong this time , but we can learn a lot , fix it , and do it better next time"

which path gets us (how ever want to define us) closer to what we seek?

which leads to better standards, desired outcomes and work we 're proud of ?

which leads to leaders we can eagerly follow? tribal identity is an emotional reaction to a complicated world. but when tribal identity aligns itself with a downward spiral of selfish , poorly considered actions,it lead to suffering ,not connection. not us vs. them.

sooner or later it's us.

we can do better .

let's do better.

my explanation:

it is such an English text that does not have lots of complicated words but the meaning is not clear for me. I hope to keep practice till I could understand the meaning of such texts.

hope so.